Thursday, August 9, 2012

Forget the Joneses!

I never thought that I would wake up in the morning, look around me and say “wow” this is real. I know it sounds cliché, but I really feel that way right now. We just moved into a home that far exceeds the one we have been in for the past 6 plus years. We are now in a neighborhood with a Home Owner’s Association, which has it’s positives, and most definitely it’s negatives. I am by NO means gloating or bragging. I am proud! Very proud, of my husband…. I know I have worked hard myself grooming dogs on the side for the past four years, along with my regular full time job, but I only have my husband to thank for all that we have accomplished together in our lives. His hard work and time away from his family has always been to get us here. I am just proud to be able to say that at our young ages, we have arrived. For the first few years of our lives we were apart A LOT. It was hard, very hard. So hard that I took a lot of my anger and sadness out on him, acting in ways, I regret sometimes. I made him feel bad especially after Mason came, even though I knew in my heart he was only gone because he HAD to be, not because he wanted to be. He would drive through the night to get to his jobs, just so he could spend just a little more time at home with me and then when Mason came along with us. While it was terribly hard on both of us, and sometimes strained our marriage here and there, we always resolved the situation and talked it out. We knew that it was us and only us that could make things happen, together as a team. I entered marriage with this man because of pure love and friendship. I didn’t want or need a huge wedding because our life together had already begun; we just needed the certificate to prove it legally. That is what marriage and family is supposed to be, work. It is not always hard, but then again it is rarely easy. You have your ups and downs. You tell the other HONESTLY what you thinking or going through, regardless of the consequences and you deal with it together. After all, that is what vows are, a bond. It took us a while to learn to keep things to ourselves and not run to our mother’s for answers and comfort. We realized we needed to make our own decisions and come up with our own answers together, this is OUR life. My point of this blog is not to brag or boast about how happy I am with our new digs (even though it is pretty AWESOME!) or the life I have, it is perhaps to help someone, anyone that may be having some sort of issue, fine clarity. I know life gets hard and people screw up and make mistakes, but if you can’t turn to your husband or wife, who do you turn to? You vow to love and spend the rest of your lives together and that is the purpose of marriage. When things get tough you don’t back out, you forge forward. When it seems like you have nothing left you LAUGH about it, suck it up and figure it out. YOU NEVER GIVE UP, because in the end your soul mate is all you will have left and you will always need them. Sorry I jumped around a little, it’s kind of my style these days. You get the picture though.