Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis the season

You're not rid of me that easily people. It has been a while since I have blogged. I guess since most of my blogs have been depressing and sad, I really haven't had much to write about. Alot has happened since September. For starters, I finally got out of my biggest unhappiness, my job of four years. I can freely speak about it now seeing as I am no longer employed there. It took me years to make my husband believe and trust in the fact that I could work from home and that in the end it would be the best for Mason and our family. I am here where I belong as a mommy. I have got more irons in the fire right now, trying to prove to him that I can (as I always have) be resourceful and make that money (don't get any dirty ideas silly). I will do what I need to do to STAY right where I am. HERE! I think this is where me and my husband are slightly different. We came from very different up bringings in life. I ALWAYS had everything I needed and or wanted growing up, even though my parents couldn't afford it. They were too busy for the easy "family" type things in life, so they bought us stuff. Not that I am knocking them for that, they did the best they could with THREE girls at such young ages. His family didn't always have it all, but he was raised just as good with more of the "family" type things. Not everybody chooses to rack up debt to make their children happy. I DO NOT want to do that at all. This is where we butt heads. If we have the money, he wants to give me and Mason things that are not necessary because he can. I want to find the cheapest route around that. It is so strange how our up bringing as children can form us into such different adults. I could do without any type of name brand anything and never miss it. I have never been about looks, which is a 50/50 thing. Sometimes I look like quite a mess especially now that I DON'T have to get out of the house every day. Yes, now the income has gotten cut in half, but the fact that I can spend all this time with my son in this awesome house is payment enough for me. I don't NEED anything anymore to be honest. I have everything I could have ever wanted and/or needed. I have been getting that yearly question from family this year "what do you want for Christmas Heather?" I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart right now that I have EVERYTHING I need right now. If there is anything I have learned watching my parents become ill over the years, there is NOTHING that I need in life that can replace the love I have for my family. That is what the season is about isn't it? Peace n Love.