Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Dawn New Day..

It has come to my attention that I have just not written in such a long time. I would say that I have been super busy, but that's a big fat lie. I have had a lot going on in my head and I think I have started about five blogs since the last one was published, but they just sit there in my folder labeled "blah" on my desktop. I am thinking about putting them all together and naming them "cluster.." uh yea big cluster of blogs. Then again, they usually never come out smoothly, I usually jump around anyway. So as I sit here waiting on my son and my little friend to wake up from nap time, I am thinking clearly. Perhaps it is time for me to start over? Start a new blog genre or mood if you will. After all it has been a year since my life has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other, so why not bring my blog to that spectrum. Here it goes... This week is a big week, in my mind. A lot is going on in our house. The biggest thing is that my little boy who is no longer little, starts 2nd grade TOMORROW! While I am admittedly happy that summer is over and we will go back to our separation of time during the day, I will miss the little guy. He has been very helpful to me with the babies that I watch and it showed me just how good of a little man he is growing up to be, which makes me so proud. This summer, I literally watched him grow up before my very eyes and while I am STILL home and income is tiny to say the least, that is the main reason I made that stupid decision to quit my job and be home. Yes I say stupid, because on the bill side MAN WHAT A DUMMY! But on the mommy side, I will never get back the time I missed while my little guy was in aftercare and learning bad habits from older kids. This summer is one I will not soon forget. He has grown at least a foot, got a new big man haircut, and just talks differently (and believe me I know, it starts when he wakes up and doesn't end until he goes to sleep!). He has matured and it shows just by the way he says things, for example "I wish I could have first grade back mommy, so I wouldn't have gotten so many reds (for those of you who do not know, red is a bad behavior comment)but at least I can start fresh in 2nd grade". I did not put those words in his mouth, he came up with that on his very own, which made me so happy. So far so good mom, you haven't screwed him up thus far! This week is also one whole year in our new home! Which I still cannot fathom. A year has passed and things seem to be going very smooth. I have made pretty good friends with a few neighbors and I actually started a community page on Facebook at a friends recommendation so that perhaps we could get to know some more neighbors and feel less awkward. Sadly, my son knows more neighbors then we do, but that was the point of moving to this subdivision in the first place. My husband, I HOPE, has finally finished scavenging for rocks to cover every inch of our yard with and hopefully is done digging random areas up in the backyard. He said last weekend that he thinks he is done, that remains to be seen and I will definitely let you know in a rant or two. So with that, I am happy that my fingers hit the keys this morning on a whim and I feel accomplished that I finally got some things out of my head to make room for more. I am hoping that this year will bring a different side of Heather. I have learned a lot in the last year, about myself and what I am capable of. Remember Money buys NOTHING! Except most things! (a little quote from a favorite movie) Peace and Love SHE'S BAAACKKKK!!